Who We Are ...


We are seasoned professionals in the Financial and Real Estate industry:


What We Do ...
bullet Financial Strategists bullet We emphasize financial education
bullet CPAs bullet We educate so that our clients make sound financial decision
bullet Insurance Strategist bullet We help you optimize your assets
bullet Real Estate Strategists and Broker bullet We help you  to strategically reduce your future taxes
No one will have a higher interest in protecting your money  than you.  Therefore, we religiously believe that we need to first educate you about the best financial strategies to fit your desired goals.
New Leaf Financial, LLC has made it our primary mission to educate our clients and the public at large so that as informed consumers you make the best financial decision for your family.
People are tired of ineffective financial strategies, products, and services.
For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, please contact one of our financial strategist.
We make your financial success personal.