Women as CFO for the house

For hundred of years women have been running the household and this is very evidence even more today where we see more women bringing home more money than their male counterpart as more and more women becoming more qualify.

In economic matters, the balance of power appears to be shifting toward women.

A significant number of women as stating that they have more earning power than ever before.  Almost two-thirds (60%) of women say they are the primary breadwinner in their households.

We are seeing that as women become more empowered in the workplace, they are also becoming more empowered in handling major financial matters in the house.

In fact, more than half of married women see themselves as the chief financial officer of their households – implying that husbands and partners are not as influential in financial matters as they used to be.

Two-thirds of women agree that, in general, women cannot rely on a spouse to handle the investing. It's not rocket science, women are more concern about the family financial future than men.  Maybe it's inherited instinct, but regardless what we called it, women have always been more concern about the well being of the family and financial matters is just another concern.  Women as the household CFO is well placed.