The 2016 and Beyond - Women, Money, and Power Plan

So the financial landscape is changing where more women are becoming the primary breadwinner for the family.  Single moms and other women are no longer sitting at home waiting for someone to provide for their wellbeing.  When we look at the current student population ratio we are seeing more female graduating from colleges than male and this is providing the paradigm shift in the workplace where more and more women are holding more senior roles.

Since the financial crisis of 2008 – 2009, women feel more responsible for financial decisions than ever. However, an study conducted by New Leaf Financial, has shown that more that 30% of women in a sample population of over 500 said they don't feel any smarter about how to manage their money than they did before the crisis.

The latest study also examined how women prefer to learn about finances and how family dynamics are shifting women's roles with respect to money and financial planning.

It is believe that one of the fundamental keys to our success as a society is our ability to secure a better financial future for the family. 

Key insights on the financial needs of today's women

Despite their rising workforce participation and escalating income, it appears that American women still have major gaps and unfulfilled needs in regards to attaining financial confidence with regards to better understanding money.

Our research shows that changing social dynamics have made the so-called "typical family" anything but typical.  The typical female role is shifting in the household as we see more and more females demanding equal compensation to their male counterpart.  This is providing a push to have more women being more conscious about needs to have better and deeper understanding of the family finances. 

These changes are creating new opportunities for financial services providers who better understand and better respond to the financial needs of women.